At Globus, we help our multinational clients develop their senior corporate leaders from within their organizations. When required, we introduce successful Senior managers, Directors, VPs, and CXOs from outside their companies. Talk to a Globus Consultant.


Building Efficiencies:To grow our client's profits, we help leaders measure and improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Enroll Now

Strenghtening Resilience: To manage the unexpected, we equip leaders to make decisions under a crisis. Enroll Now

Enhancing Articulations: To sustain relations with prospects, colleagues or stake holders from multicultural backgrounds, we empower leaders to create and convey their corporate messages candidly. Enroll Now

Resolving Conflicts: To deal with disagreements or handle complaints, we help leaders develop effective negotiation habits. Enroll Now


Globus has its headquarters in Bangalore, India and is headed by Manjula Sundharam. She has cofounded Coromon Systems, a technology firm in USA and has served as an executive board member for manufacturing and service firms in India. For over 15 years, Manjula has hired, trained and led remote teams as well as managed over 200 member teams on site. As a certified counselor and management consultant she has empowered executives in multinational companies like Genpact and Wipro and has served in Engineering, Textiles, Software, Education, Healthcare, Travel and Business Process Outsourcing industries. Her articles on business systems and executive development have been published in leading business dailies. Manjula has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Bharathiar University, India and has received training in Psychology from Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

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